Rates and Skills

I currently offer freelance consulting (proposing solutions to problems, useful and literate reports), programming (Perl, Ruby, Php, Java, MySql, Html) and some teaching/training.

Also, I can provide technical writing and editing for manuals, policies and articles. I have good experiences of the processes needed to produce good quality in this area too.

As a guide, commercial rates start at £450 per day and non-commercial rates start at £170 per day . There's some flexibility in this, if the relationship is good.

In the main, I do not undertake work based on 'asp', C# or any Microsoft toolsets. Two exceptions, of course, is that I do some work with Mono on Linux and have experience with Samba.

I don't do hardware repair, but I can often revive old, working hardware with a Linux distribution. Don't throw those old PCs away, someone may be able to use them, maybe even you or your company!

I have over thirty years experience at various levels in the IT industry and a recent Open University MSc. I speak fluent French. If you'd like a complete CV, please use the contact form and tell me why you want it.